As from Monday, Mercury transits into Cancer and remain there until July-2nd, the emphasis is made on the improvement of the general state of health. When Cancer season commences and summer sets in, one feels closer to people and the general feeling of love is felt. Besides the cosmic fun, for the first time since 2005, a Full Moon in Capricorn will happen on Friday.


Make yourself think on what the term ‘home’ is actually associated with. The entry of Mercury in Cancer brings in self-analysis and contemplation of issues and questionings. Cancer season is coming, so you will pay much attention to your psychological state. This is a great time to spend time alone, and work on your own well-being. Stay on your diet and do not forget the leadership qualities you are endowed with, steer yourself and others in the proper direction.


Communication should be developed during such a period, the time is right for that. The aspect of Mercury in Cancer will Catholic you to begin or continue reading more frequently, watch movies or shows, or even start planning your upcoming trip. The Full Moon in Capricorn that takes place on Friday shall indicate and encourage a certain kind of release; do not resist it. Very often, the broadening of the range of your views and experience will result in opening up new opportunities.


Your budget is what is being spotlighted. Mercury will protect your fiscal choices; thus, you will be able to make new money and acquire new worthy. This time is ideal for the critical analysis of the financial plans and the establishment of new objectives. Now, during the six more months that is year still has, keep your eyes and ears wide open for more improvements that you can experience in your financial life.


Coming to the next week, a person has a possibility to start something anew, at least on the symbolic level. The cloud of confusion will be cleared and there will be light. As the Cancer season begins, the effectiveness of stating your needs or wants, which are bound to materialize, is highly likely. Accept this time of change and permitted your self to commence dreaming about a better tomorrow.


Little thought, Leo, for the whole week it was all about non-verbal communication. So, Leo, during Cancer season, do take it easy, do more, and be good to your body and your mind. On Friday, there is the Full Moon at 06 degrees Capricorn; therefore, sound and realistic means of living that concern your physical selves and mental health will prove essential. This is precisely the right time for undertaking small changes that will also help to change one’s life and health as well.


Mercury is also in Cancer to assist you in relating to people; you, therefore, should ensure you work on relationships during this period. Such terms as ‘cancer’, in as much as they define a person with the illness, symbolically mean a fresh start in communication. It will mean you will not have to work as much but in return get the satisfaction that comes with being able to ‘touch’ those around you. Darling, the best time never comes, so the best time really is now.


These will enable people to uphold the best relationship with each other this will also lead to proper delegation of tasks at the work place for you as well as others. In fact, Cancer season is the return of leadership energy to your objectives and struggles in defining what you want and then fighting for it. This really is not an opportunity to miss if you are wanting to enhance your managerial skills or give a direction to the management career.


Hello Scorpio, it is time to grab your phone and get ready for some fun introducing the following phrases. This is the time that one can begin something new in life whether it is traveling or maybe picking up new interests. Nature of Scorpios is attributed to the corresponding month to desire more knowledge and discovery. It is good to be positive and make good use of this energy on fun but challenging self improvement activities.


It also assists in building one’s real core and practicing self-visualization with positive attributes and skills as well. All these are topics of discussion during the week and include Passion, Intimacy and Self-Actualization. For the lives depicted in Gilead , they only become real and existent existences when people, other people, live their own truths.


Finally, love and relationship theme of the week is named oppose attract while lucky number is seven. Cancer season is one of the most romantic times of the year which means that you are one of the most sultry signs of the zodiac. The key is based on a full moon that will take place in your sign the days of your working week, Friday especially – this is the time to let go of the past and its loads. Still, do not lose yourself in your romantic relationships neglecting the energetic feel of the heart.


Be careful, as minute aspects of existence are important for you, Aquarius. Influence of Mercury will make you more awake and enable you to perform sharp discoveries about problems that you are faced with. It is a perfect time to start and advance toward numerous health promoting objectives. Concentrate on those small aspects of life that will have a large impact on the level of happiness and/or achievement.


Go and pay a visit to a friend or a loved one, this week, to be able to step out of your own comfort. Learn to value your own self and importance of your presence in the lives of other people. This will make you one fascinating person to be around as you notice the change in your general behavior. Go back to the previous friendships and cultivate new warm relationships. Accept any events that would allow you social interactions and make the best out of the relations you form.

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