Apple Intelligence: For the iPhone, iPad or Mac the creation of new brand new AI will require the Pro 15.

Apple Conducted its Annual Developer’s Conference on Monday Which Shed Light on the Fine Print of Updates on All Apple Products. The biggest shake up is reserved for IOS which is the operating system that supports your iPhone.

Today Apple has endowed it with something like artificial intelligence and as a result it is in some ways wiser and stronger. iOS 18 can also be a lot more customizable than before – rearrange the law of the home screen and then rearrange it yet again. Apple has quite literally announced the macOS 15, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11 and many more.

“iOS 18 Unveiled: Discover the Exciting New Features”

As expected, the name of the new version of its operating system, iOS 18, is official now with Apple. The software, which officially will become available to the public in September, still is shipping with some elements that any iPhone owner should learn about.

Changes to the home screen are present in the update, which allows theme your app icons. Location of the application’s icons can be free, and icons will have their color scheme shifted to dark automatically. You can also swipe in the new controls on the lock screen if would like to change the common icons such as flashlight and camera.

Apple has crammed a whole lot into iOS 18 — like a surprisingly vast amount actually — but one of the most enticing feature is the ones for iMessage and your text message primarily. Tapping an emoji or a sticker, instead of the previous Tapbacks, did not take much time when you want to reply.

The other features are the ability to schedule texts, drop effects, and writing with underlining and strike through etc. Another feature is, the iPhone 14 and 15 owners with no Wifi or cell service can use low-orbit satellite messaging. RCS protocol will also be attached to iOS 18, together with a Calendar app based on reminders, the option to have additional significant icons on your home screen, etc.

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