Donald Trump with own face on the $500 bill A Congressional gold medal. An international airport. In the House of Representatives though, it is the Summer of Trump as Republican lawmakers have proposed roughly 2100 bills and resolutions to celebrate the erstwhile president, convict, and frontrunner of the GOP’s 2024 options.

Most of those gestures are symbolic at the best and are worse at the worst given that the the former member of the Congress said the above gestures were aimed at attracting the attention of the GOP entity whose nod either makes or breaks the pols.
Another notorious incident is by the Republican lawmaker Rep. Paul Gosar, two weeks ago. , proclaimed the bill that the U. S. Treasury is to issue the $500 note after eight decades, while the note that now exists “bears the image of Trump instead of the president William McKinley who is no more. The proposal was to bring awareness of high inflation under Joe Biden, that was the purpose Gosar claimed.

More: Biden fires at ‘convicted criminal’ Trump in $50M paid media takedown Prepare for the vote: Take care of the candidate for president and then match him or her to the Voter Guide for information relevant to the blogger. Money is money and ornaments are ornaments; the idea is to have them both in equal amounts for a purchasing spree.

Republican congresswoman for Florida Anna Paulina Luna In May, he tore through the forty years of Congress recognitions of statesmen and diplomats and proposed his bill on awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to Trump for the actual foreign policy achievements of his administration. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla. , on June 14 tabled a bill to gazette the country’s 4,383,000-square-mile ocean area as an economic exclusion zone, which is more extensive than all the 50 states combined after Trump.

Another bill which has not gone through the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is one that would effect the rename of Dulles International Airport (and other locations) after Trump. The Virginia airport that is the subject of this case is named after Secretary of State John Foster Dulles during the early Cold War Eisenhower years.

In April, Republicans suggested an airport for the president with their logo Hinton on it, in return, Democrats offered a two-page bill to designate the Miami Federal Correctional Institution for Trump in May in a clear hint of his probable next home.
More:’Trump too small’. Trump opposed this, and so did the Supreme Court in a jab.

Trump, who was convicted last month on 34 fraud counts concerning hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, a porn star, just before his election in 2016, now stands trial for three more criminal charges. Among them are federal charges related to Trump’s endeavors to reject his 2020 electoral loss to Biden − a case closely connected with a violent storm on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, by a conspiracy mob inspired by Trump over his stolen election narrative.

But on a serious note, Upton said Trump will not be receiving a congressional medal. Another plate, apparently a clean one, has been brought out. He’s too toxic. Even that is a bit of a stretch for that could move through the process with what happened on January 6. Which is where patience – and bipartisanship, he said. One old timers commented, “He’ll get something,” before elaborating, “we will provide him with some cash. ”

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