Mastering Inner Tension: Unleash Your Creativity to Conquer Stress

“I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.” — Duke Ellington

Criticism and Stress are partners as stressed by the psychologists who now reveal that many of the world’s contributors were not very comfortable, to say the least, and their lives include – Vincent Van Gogh, Issac Newton, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Beethoven among others. Whether or not these geniuses painted and wrote because of such tensions or in spite of them may still remain topical to this day, but what is certain is that we can normal folks can also turn the tables and try to win over stress, using creativity. However, you are the artists and your theme is only life’s frustrations, worry, or anxiety wherein there are masterpieces of the peace fulfilled or just doodles to cry over the spilled milk on life.

So I call this kind of experience stress: as the break between what we thought we know (assumption) and what we came to know. Eckhard Tolle captured this notion in a single, easy line: Stress is quite a picture, which describes being in a certain place, but, at the same time, dreaming to be somewhere else. Oh, no, people do not want to accept that they themselves are the real authors of their inner stress… but if you tell a couple of examples and an ‘aha’ experience occurs that it is all our experiences that are real and arise solely due to our perceptions. Thus, as long as the self blame factor is active, and the fact that this was, for the most part, a response of our default system, it cannot be taken away from us to assume responsibility for how to deal with The Silent Killer from a place of resource and choice.

All my clients have some feeling of being a failure of some sort, just in feeling OK, when they try and tell themselves that it is possible to cope through a good flush, exercising, eating a healthy meal and having some time to rest when things get tough. They add, though, that it is that stress of their very own that is making the content within appear more Bucket List than to do list. Wertheim recognizes and speaking of the post-strains of life in a different perspective is innate and intrinsic in persons – we are endowed with the tendency to create, to state to the world – ‘I exist!’ Look what I have made with this cloth By using both the actual objects made by the women and local materials such as cloth, the photographer is able to bring out a message of progress and evolution through the process of fashioning a product out of simple objects.

To which Thoreau concluded, “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts. In that sense, everyone is doing their own take on an art project, though the expressiveness of it is rather bogged down by paranoid concepts and feelings. In a simplest of terms, what happens when we are not here, what is a blank canvas the mind paints for itself. Perhaps this is why I have seen clients look me right in the eye as if I or someone did this to them?

Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way says, ‘Creativity is an act of doing, and they we hate doing something because…we’d rather obsess about the dream-based belief that if we only felt better, everything would work out for us. ’ The thought of obsessing doing hit me as I was heading for a stress management class. I began to ask myself why it is that grown men and women will just stay stuck in their concerns. Then I realized ( and shared a little later with my group): Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think that what they are doing to stress out is dealing with stress.

Here are some of the tips I offer to my clients to direct them once again back to doing mode:

Add some color. Holistic Health Tip: All too frequently when the pressure builds the world can be seen in only a kind of black and white manner. Their account of where they are today is a rather sad one. By using crayola box of emotions, thoughts and behaviours clients are forced to counter the sentence that life is grey.

Switch media. Usually, 4-5 coping strategies are identified – and if those coping skills are still effective then, you wouldn’t be here in counseling. To counter this I make them fill the “Pleasant Events List;” this list is made by Marsha Linehan and it contains 225 activities that you can do in order to manage your emotions and they have to pick 3 from the list to expand their variety.

Ignore the critics. This is applicable because some people have the habit of warning others when they try engaging in a new activity and they criticize in order to fulfill their own purpose. Due to this uniqueness of his art, artists of all crevices in artistry have had complaints of criticism against their art works filed. It is in the same year that Georgia O‘Keeffe was able to assert, ‘‘I have already settled it for myself, flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free. ’’

Be a surrealist. Surrealism, or tomorrow’s realism as stated by Mirzo Over his head: Surrealism and Other Games, is all about distorting the reality surrounding you and as far as I am concerned, there is no better way to ease the mind of the existing stress inducer as to engage in a stress buster to go one on one with normative thinking. Getting away from that invades, in the words of psychologist Kelly Mc Gonical, what is referred to as the upside of stress.

Reframe it. In other words, most of us tend to commit the error of submitting to the belief that we are intrinsically incompetent to handle the stress associated with existence in this generation. Regarding their parameters of acceptable behaviors, they have strict black and whites wherever a line is drawn, and anything that goes beyond that causes stress. Paint by numbers personal values that are quite popular that could put individuals in a box and completely suffocate innovation. Thus, in its artistic form, reframing is to operate beyond such restrictions — pure freedom of the replay. To summarize, Psychological Reframeing is a concept of changing the perspective, considering the opposite of negativity.

Here you have the art of inner tension, which helps to avoid the necessity to become Mozart, Picasso, or Hemingway in order to draw the profit from the procedure of turning the reactive energy into the creativity one.

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